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What currency are your prices displayed in?

I'm wondering what currency your prices are displayed in. Are they American prices? And if I place an order will my credit card be charged in American dollars? Thanks for your help!

silver charms lead and nickel free

Are your silver charms all lead and nickel free?

Can i pay by Paypal?

Can i pay by Paypal?

Does priority shipping affect my grand total?

I am wondering about how the shipping priority affects me as a customer, considering that I live far. Is there a fee for long distance and for express delivery, including       international customs fees?

Why Do I Need to Provide Details About My Shop's Owner/Officer?

answered Jun 23, 2016 by Karan
The Shop Management page tells me that I need to provide more details about my shop and it is asking for the shop owner's personal details, such as their birthday and social security number.  Why is this information needed?

What Countries are Supported for Opening a Shop?

answered Jun 23, 2016 by Karan
When I am registering my shop, I am asked to select a country from a dropdown box.  But this dropdown only has some countries in it.  Why are only some countries supported and which countries are supported?

how often do you get new stock

Wondering about the stock, does it change/sell out, or do you have same stock all the time? Help

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